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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the past decade, you’ll be well aware of the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Research has shown that eating breakfast could be the secret to staying healthy. However, not all breakfast foods are good for you. Follow these top tips to ensure that you and your family are getting the best possible start to the day.

Stay in shape
One of the biggest health benefits of eating a good breakfast is the fact it can prevent obesity. A number of studies have been carried out which prove those who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to put on weight than those who skip breakfast.

There are a number of reasons for this: a good breakfast will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which reduces the likelihood of snacking on unhealthy foods in between meals. It will also prevent you from overeating on your next meal too.

Fuller for longer
Do you often find you are tired throughout the morning? If so then this could be a sign that you aren’t getting a well-balanced breakfast. One of the reasons why nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day is because it provides the body with energy. This is especially important for kids. A good breakfast will help them to concentrate better in school and prevent bad behaviour. When kids get tired, they often get grumpy!

So what can you give your kids for breakfast to ensure they are lively and alert throughout the day? Granola cereal is one of the healthiest choices around as it’s packed with wholegrain oats, which release their energy slowly and keep both you and your kids going until lunchtime. However, not all granola is good for you, so make sure you choose a well-known brand with a reliable reputation.

Overall, there are so many benefits that come with eating a healthy breakfast every morning. It really is the most important meal of the day. Granola cereal and protein packed breakfasts such as poached eggs are just two recommended healthy choices.

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A sommelier is a wine steward who has been trained and is very knowledgeable in the world of wine.

These individuals work mainly with exclusive restaurants in order to pair certain foods with certain wines and help to develop a menu based on those choices. They specialize in all types of wine services. You can even take these courses online to become a certified sommelier.

Here are a few examples:

The Court of Master Sommeliers
Having a prior education will really help out you out, before being a sommelier. One thing to consider is taking online business courses which will help you as you grow and manage your business.
International Sommelier Guild
Another way to become a sommelier is through the International Sommelier Guild. They offer beginners courses for the novice wine drinker. Their courses help you to understand the different flavors, varieties, and components of wine. They offer four different levels of courses to becoming a sommelier.

The first is Wine Fundamentals Level 1. This course teaches the following:

  • International grape varieties
  • Primary themes related to wine in the hospitality industry
  • Types of grapes used for wine making
  • How grapes are grown
  • How different colors of grape are used in wine making
  • Approaches to wine making
  • Wine terminology
  • Wine service and storage
  • How to read wine labels
  • Pairings of wine and food

The Level 2 course is the following step after you have completed these objectives. It features:

  • Regional wines, spirits, and beer
  • Local landscapes and cultures
  • Diversity of wine
  • Regional food and wine pairings
  • Wine pairing theory
  • Service techniques
  • Wine management practices

They also offer a great diploma program that will educate you about wine and becoming the best sommelier possible. That course offers the following:

  • Extensive tasting of wine, spirits, and beer from all over the world.
  • Ability to identify these items in blind taste testings
  • Administrative skills in wine management
  • Menu design
  • Inventory processing
  • Cellaring wines
  • Investment strategies
  • Employee training and management

This online program offers some of the best training in the sommelier business today. They offer many videos, along with the course training, and have had many successful students.

If becoming a sommelier has always been a dream of yours, but you have always been too busy with work and life, you can now find time in your busy schedule to take courses online. There are so many more options to choose from, but these are two of the best and highly accredited in the country. Once you have signed up to begin these courses, you will notice that you will taste and look at wine in a whole new light.

Managing a company can be hard work, but it can become impossible if you don’t have a firm grasp on good time management techniques. One of the most important parts of managing time is prioritizing. As a manager of a company there are constant demands on your time, from the enjoyable endeavors, like developing relationships with your coworkers, to the tedious ones, like filling out forms. Part of being an effective manager is knowing when to do each of the tasks set before you. So while you might prefer to keep chatting about last night’s game, in order for the company to keep moving smoothly you should set aside time for getting that paperwork finished. While that example may seem a little simplistic, many times decisions aren’t that straight forward. Many times there are activities that demand your immediate attention, even though there may be other more important things that you could be doing that are less urgent. Being able to tell which task you should be devoting your attention to can be tricky, but is essential for performing your best at the office. Along with knowing how to get your own work done, you will often find yourself in a position where someone else’s work cannot continue until you as the manager make a decision on some key point. Knowing when to put aside your own work for the sake of one of your employees can be the difference between a lost sale and a satisfied customer. These are all things that you would have learned when getting your online business management degree, you’ll also learn some things while working.


Another key part of managing time well that is often over looked is scheduling effectively. So many managers will write things down on their calendar or to do list only to never look at the list again, except to add more things to it. A good manager sticks to his schedule. One way to do this is to dedicate some time each morning to looking over your schedule and plan out specific times to get each task done. There will always be unplanned interruptions, but you should still plan out your day as best as you can. For tasks that must get done that day, make sure that you are in a place where you will not be interrupted while working on them. For meetings, plan out not only enough time for the meeting itself, but also for getting to the meeting and coming back. Remember that it can take some time to settle into a task and don’t try to move directly from one task to another unless they are similar enough to be able to avoid that switch over time. Knowing how much time a task actually takes is important to scheduling correctly.

Knowing how to manage time effectively gives a manager the ability to be available when needed by his employees, and keeps him from failing to meet expectations laid upon him. Good time management skills should not be overlooked or neglected as, while they may seem unimportant, they are integral to being an effective business manager. 

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Coffee machines are fast becoming popular in England, finally threatening the dominance of the quintessential cup of tea. Whereas in the past the quality of the nation’s coffee may have been doubted, we’ve finally caught up with the French and the Italians on all the great varieties we offer.

If you love nothing better than a rich, strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, then a coffee machine might be the perfect answer. Below is jus a little guide to a few of the great benefits they offer.

Great coffee at the push of a button

Whilst you may still spend your mornings fumbling about with sugar, instant coffee, milk and mugs, a coffee machine does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is put a coffee pod into the machine, position your mug underneath and press the button. Thanks to a clever little barcode on the back, your machine may even know exactly what temperature to heat the temperature to, how long to boil and how much water to use which means less waste and better results.

Coffee machines also take a much shorter amount of time to boil than standard kettles meaning you’ll have much more free time in the mornings to see to urgent errands that need doing. You also won’t have to go without your morning coffee should you be running a little late.

Great flavours from across the globe

Whether it’s your favourite coffee shop near to your work or an exotic blend of beans that you’re after, coffee machines will have you covered. There is a vast array of coffee pods available to suit any palate and many high street coffee shops, including Costa Coffee, offer their own brands available for use in coffee machines such as a Tassimo.

They are sleek and stylish

Seamlessly designed, coffee machines are not only the modern solution for a fast pace of life but they also look great in any kitchen and take up a minimum amount of space.

Extremely easy to clean and maintain, these sleek and stylish machines are the perfect accompaniment to other kitchen appliances and are easy to operate. This means that brewing the perfect coffee or hot drink will no longer rely on extensive barista training. Instead, simply let the machine do the work for you while you sit back and enjoy the warming aromas of this fantastic drink.

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The first quarter of the year is wrapping up and if you are finding it difficult to keep your New Year resolutions of living healthy, you do not have to despair. The best time to make resolutions that you will stick to is when you have a conviction that you need to do something. If you want to improve your health, don’t wait for the New Year to start. The best thing you can do is to start today.

Here are some tips that you can start applying today to lead a healthier lifestyle this year.

Exercise at home
There is no need to pay for the gym if you are not going to commit yourself to exercising. A healthy lifestyle requires you to exercise regularly. You can do simple exercises from home and still have fun while doing it. Order a couple of home exercises videos to get started. Aerobics and dance exercises like Zumba are easy to do at home by yourself.

If you love the outdoors, get a friend to be exercising with. Start with modest exercises during the first few days. As you get more comfortable with the routines, you can increase the intensity of the exercises.

Stick to a healthy diet
You also have to watch your diet to keep your body in good health. Make sure you eat foods containing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats. Watching what you eat will help you attain your goals of living healthy faster.

Aim to eat more cooked than processed foods. You can even draw up a menu plan to guide you on the types of foods you should eat. Check that you are getting the right amount of often ignored element such as B vitamins. If necessary, take vitamin supplements to reach the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Set achievable goals
To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to set achievable goals. These goals will guide and help you gauge your progress. The goals can be based on a particular area that you want to improve.
Write down your goals and refer to them regularly to see how you are fairing. Every morning, go through your goals and work to achieve them.

Think positively
A positive mind will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve your goals easily. There is power in thinking positively. Do not let stress bog you down. When you have heavy emotional burdens, find a way to relieve the stress. Take a walk and enjoy the quietness of nature, talk out your problems to a trusted relative or friend and take foods rich in B vitamins. Take time to meditate and appreciate the things that you have been blessed with.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. There is no right time to start living a healthy lifestyle. The best you can do is to stop any excuses and make a plan that you can start following today.